Thermography Helps Reducing Energy Consumption

Thermogram of pans

Metallurgical processes and especially processes in aluminium industry involve high consumption of energy. Hence, particular attention is paid to their efficient application. Infrared camera systems help to detect problems of insulation, at pans or similar devices quickly and with precision. The targeted correction of defects does not only reduce energy being required throughout the process, but also avoids severe accidents and high costs caused by molten metal escaping at cracked pans.

Case Study

Thermal image of aluminium kiln

Thermography for Insulation Inspections

All kind of hot industrial processes need to be contained well to allow the process itself to go on and at the same time to protect neighbouring installations and employees working there. But furnace insulations have also a second very important purpose - energy saving. Especially in times of rising energy costs and environmental protection demands the good shape of furnace insulations becomes increasingly valuable. Thermography helps to detect weak points and provides first indications for necessary repairs.

Quality Assurance in Rolled Steel Production

Monitoring of slab production

In order to ensure the stipulated steel quality, rolled steel works require calculated temperature distributions of entire rolling trains to be met. Here, the temperature of rolling stock as well as the one of furnaces can be monitored on the entire rolling train.

Moreover, InfraTec offers special automated thermographic solutions for slag detection.

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