Long range infrared camera systems

FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed) systems such as the VarioVIEW TM by Jenoptik and ViewIR or ImageIR ® 8300/9300 Z from InfraTec are very efficient when securing big and open areas. They detect the thermal radiation of the observed scene and therefore do not need residual light or infrared lamps. High quality thermal images can be viewed during every time of the year, by night and even in smoky and misty environments.

Details about infrared imagers

Infrared imager from InfraTec

 infrared cameras from InfraTecButton 

Thermal imaging systems ImageIR® 8300/9300 Z

Thermal imaging systems ImageIR ® 8300/9300 Z

The thermal imaging systems ImageIR 8300/9300 Z enable with the with a 30× zoom lens complex observation and investigation, such as border control, vehicle observation and monitoring of the environment or animals. State-of-the-art InSb detector technology with a resolution of (640 x 512) and
(1,280 x 1,024) IR pixel offers most sensitive, high-resolution infrared imaging capacity for 24/7 operability even through fog and smoke, day and night.

Security models of camera series VarioCAM® HD and VarioCAM® HDx

Security models of camera series VarioCAM ® HD and VarioCAM ® HDx

The thermographic high-resolution systems VarioCAM ® HD head security and VarioCAM ® HDx head security are based on an uncooled microbolometer FPA detector of the latest generation with (1,024 x 768) IR pixels and were conceived for demanding monitoring and measurement tasks in stationary or vehicle-mounted operation. They are the ideal tool for long-range detection, recognition or identification of persons and vehicles. The different configuration of the thermography systems allow optimum adaptation to the respective application task.

Infrared cameras VarioVIEW TM 75 and VarioVIEW TM 150

Portable long range infrared cameras for security purposes

The FLIR system VarioVIEW TM by Jenoptik with its robust design and intuitive handling distinguishes itself. With its weight of less than 3 kg and service life of up to 6 hours without battery change, it excels in portable operations, such as border patrols and security zones. The high-resolution OLED binocular scope allows for a tireless observation. 

A microbolometer detector with the currently highest commercially available geometric resolution, in combination with a high-precision 150 mm optics, makes long detection and identification ranges possible. The laser rangefinder works at 1,550nm and allows for exact distance measurements.

VarioVIEW TM infrared camera systems are available as models of the 
VarioVIEW TM 75
 and VarioVIEW TM 150 series.

Thermal imager Nyxus Bird

Nyxus Bird - High resolution thermal imager for mobile operations

Nyxus Bird is a multi-purpose FLIR observation and reconnaissance device for demanding law-enforcement missions. Due to its unique combination of features and specifications it is an essential tool for observation tasks. With just one keystroke the operator can switch between a high-resolution thermal image and tack-sharp visual view. Both operation modes can utilise a precise laser range-finder which is invisible for image-intensifier based counter intelligence. Remote targets can be measured and localised via the integrated GPS and digital magnetic compass.

Binocular thermographic system ViewIR® 60

ViewIR ® 60 - Light mid-range binocular infrared system

The newly developed binocular thermographic system ViewIR  ® 60 has been conceived for various authority operations as a compact infrared imager. The uncooled microbolometer detector with (384 x 288) IR pixels allows for detection of persons at a maximum range of 2.1 km and for vehicle detection at 4.7 km. The convenient design, its low weight of 1.5 kg and the short boot time of only 20 seconds of the FLIR provide for quick operational readiness. The sensitive engine focus allows quick situation capturing.

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Application areas for infrared imager

  • Investigation

    State-of-the-art infrared technology expands the options of the Police´s investigation capabilities via increasing range performance, 24/7 operation options and completely passive technology.

  • Surveillance at a SAR operation

    Powerful, uncooled thermal sensors and innovative optical design create a maximum range performance and high image resolution for quick missions and long-term observation tasks.

  • Border guard
    Border guard

    Comprehensive guarding of border areas and the related hinterland is perfectly handled by mobile infrared cameras with top-class range performance. Their mobility and efficiency supports contemporary border guard units even during very limited observation conditions.

  • Harbour protection
    Harbour protection

    All over the world seaports and inner harbors are very special critical infrastructure locations. By using mobile infrared cameras extended and inaccessible units can be guarded safely and comprehensively.

  • Security - Site protection
    Site protection

    High-resolution, long-range infrared cameras allow efficient guarding and protection of critical infrastructure areas all around the clock. Dedicated using of infrared systems allow in-time realization of effective counteractive measures.

  • Security - Search and rescue
    Search and rescue

    Infrared cameras are indispensable tools for searching and rescueing missed persons, casualties or wreckage debris. All around the clock high-sensitivity infrared sensors can provide substantial aid even under limited visibility conditions, they help to save lives.