Frequently used abbreviations of sensor technologies in the range of detectors

This chapter explains abbreviations, which closer describe the product names of our pyroelectric detectors.

Beam splitter design

Multi-color detectors with common cap hole for all spectral channels and internal splitting into two or four channels.

Buttonhole design

Multi-color detectors with one cap hole per spectral channel each.


Here: Field of view of IR detector. It is mostly limited by the detector's aperture hole.


Fabry-Pérot filter


InfraTec part number stands as prefix for:

  • LIE: LiTaO3 & InfraTec & Einelementig (single element)
  • LIM: LiTaO3 & InfraTec & Multi color
  • LME: LiTaO3 & low Microphonic effect & Einelementig (single element)
  • LMM: LiTaO3 & low Microphonic effect & Multi color
  • LFP: LiTaO3 & Fabry-Pérot
  • PIA: PZT & InfraTec & Array
  • TFP: Tunable Fabry-Pérot 


Brandmark of InfraTec for state-of-the-art multi-color detectors in buttonhole and beam splitter design.