Multi channel detectors

Here you can find all multi channel detectors from InfraTec.

Dual, triple or quad channel infrared detector for gas analysis and flame detection sensors where more than one element or event is to be detected.

  • Available with reduced microphonic effect
  • JFET or CMOS amplifier
  • Beam splitter option

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Aperture/Window Size (mm)

Current/Voltage Mode (CM/VM)


Temperature Compensated

Low Micro

Downloads and further information
LIM-011TO8-124ø2.5VMJFETnono 0.8
Info LIM-011Beamsplitter
LIM-032 TO39-422.8 x 2.8VMJFETnono 2.9
Info LIM-032 Beamsplitter
LIM-054TO8-842.8 x 2.8CMOpAmpnono 0.42
Info LIM-054Beamsplitter
LIM-214TO8-124ø9.5VMJFETyesno 4.5PDF LIM-214LIM-214
LIM-222TO39-42ø6VMJFETyesno 4.5PDF LIM-222LIM-222
LIM-262TO39-52ø6CMOpAmpyesno 4.5PDF LIM-262LIM-262
LIM-272 NewTO39-42ø6CMOpAmpyesno 3.0
Info LIM-272Single supply operation
LIM-314TO8-124ø9.5VMJFETyesno 3.5PDF LIM-314LIM-314
LMM-244TO8-84ø9.5CMOpAmpyesyes 6.0PDF LMM-244LMM-244
LMM-274 NewTO8-84ø9.5CMOpAmpyesyes 6.0
Info LMM-274Single supply operation
LRM-102 NewTO46-423.05 × 2.05VMJFETnono 4.0PDF LRM-102LRM-102
LRM-202 NewTO46-423.05 × 2.05VMJFETyesno 4.0PDF LRM-202LRM-202
LRM-254 NewTO39-845.0 x 5.0VMJFETyesno 4.7PDF LRM-254LRM-254
LRM-284 NewTO39-845.0 x 5.0CMOpAmpyesno 4.5PDF LRM-284LRM-284
*(500K, 10Hz, 1Hz, 25ºC, without window) [10E+8cmHz1/2/W]