Competencies of the sensor division

The sensor technology business unit is undergoing a strategically aligned research. Prototype development as well as series production are subject to stringent quality criteria. We are familiar with comprehensive application support for our customers.

  • Research and development

    Research and development

    Innovative products for growing customer requirements come first at our research and development department.
  • Design


    Learn more about the construction of infrared detectors of our modular design system, which offers individual solutions far beyond our standard programmes.
  • Production


    Wide-ranging technical equipment allows us to perform the entire infrared detector production in our own cleanroom.
  • Quality


    We guarantee high quality for all of our infrared detectors, from the design to the production.
  • Consulting and product management, © pressmaster /

    Consulting and product management

    We are happy to advise you individually and discuss possible special applications of our pyroelectric detectors.
  • Education


    Find out more about the possibility of an apprenticeship as a micro-technician at InfraTec or the cooperation for the purpose of a final paper or an internship.

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