With new camera models users gain even more choice for entry to the top series

The variety of models is expanding for the camera series VarioCAM ® High Definition and ImageIR ®

VarioCAM® HDx

VarioCAM ® HDx, an additional performance variant of uncooled microbolometer cameras, is aimed primarily at price-conscious users with universal measurement and inspection tasks. It includes the equipment lines „head“ for stationary solutions as well as „inspect“ and „research“ for mobile applications. Apart from powerful detectors in the (640 × 480) format of IR pixels, the models with robust light metal housings, the 5.6"-TFT colour displays with (1,280 × 800) pixels and the integrated, very light-sensitive 8 MP digital camera are very convincing. This allows users to obtain a high-quality measuring instrument for mobile applications for less than 15,000 euros (plus VAT). The package includes, in tried-and-tested fashion, the first-class service of InfraTec as an experienced thermography specialist. 

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ImageIR® 4300 / 7300

The camera series ImageIR ® is progressing in an equally consistent manner. Two new models increase the range here. Whereas the ImageIR ® 4300 has cooled FPA photon detectors in (320 × 256) IR pixels format, with the ImageIR ® 7300 it is (640 × 512) IR pixels. In both cases, frame rates up to 530 Hz are reached. The temperature resolution of 0.02 K or 0.025 K represent the entry to thermography at high-end level. Users from industry and science will obtain an instrument for successfully solving even the most challenging tasks already from 45,100 euros (plus VAT).

Further information about ImageIR ® 4300
Further information about ImageIR ® 7300


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